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Bay Street Meat Market - Open for business!

Our Grand Opening was May 23rd! Bay Street Meat Company will be featuring grass fed beef, along with pork, lamb, chicken and buffalo.
Business partners Don Ryan and Paul DeMoret have come together to provide this alternative choice opportunity to Kitsap County.
Their goals are in perfect sync in that they all want to see Port Orchard downtown area profit by bringing products to the market that people really want and that will stimulate the overall growth of the local economy. Come in and say 'Hi'.

What We Offer

Grass-fed beef

Most beef in America is raised for a short time on grass and then "fattened" in cramped feed lots with an unnatural diet of grain. Grass-fed beef cows eat grass all their lives. Their lifecycle isn't accelerated with hormones. The meat results in a healthy and delicious product.

In addition to Grass-fed beef

We'll have Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Game, Exotic species, Sausages and Cured Items too. You'll notice our care and attention to seasoning, curing, dry-aging, and smoking of our products like Sausages, Hams, Salami, etc. Look for our Milk, Cheese, Eggs, Dairy sections. We offer local fresh dairy options to compliment the meat selection. You'll find Raw Milk, Local Cheese, Duck Eggs, Quail Eggs, Free-Range Chicken Eggs, and more.

Resident butcher

A resident butcher and will operate this great local business. Much focus goes in to create relationships with local farmers and ranchers and in return provide the community with a great selection of hand cut fresh meats, sausages, and in-house charcuterie. All of the meat will be processed on site and there will be NO additives of any kind. Learn more... sign up for our newsletter

Grass fed
Your butcher

About The Public Market

Port Orchard Public Market Grand Opening!

We did it! We are open for business! We had a big bash and a hugely successful turnout. Thanks everyone that came. The Port Orchard Public Market will occupy the 8,000 square-foot building at 715 Bay St. Previously Slip 45,The building has undergone a complete remodel to turn the grey-and-drab space into a vibrant marketplace. Vendors include a seafood restaurant, a fresh homemade salad and soup shack, an ice cream and chocolatier artisan, a crafted beer tasting bar, a seafood and wine pairing shop, an organic butcher shop, fresh produce, a lavender gift shop and several other market booths. Port Orchard Public Market will operate 360 days a year and employ 50 to 60 people. Come by and check us out.




Port Orchard Public Market Mission Statement

The purpose of the Port Orchard Public Market is to provide Kitsap County and the adjacent environs with a space for local businesses to market locally grown or produced products to the community. The "market" (POPM) will be an ongoing contributor to the enrichment of both the economic and cultural health of Port Orchard and it's surroundings.
Products from vendors will contribute a unique shopping opportunity with a diverse mix of unique, hand made or local products. Food venues and restaurants will focus on quality and wide ranging fare providing the "Market Community" opportunities to enjoy local cuisine and a complete market experience.

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